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About Us

​Japan togo

Japan togo is established in the interest of supporting Japanese companies and South East Asia companies to initialize their international business transaction.
Recently, there is rapid growth of demand in Japanese made goods & services in South
East Asia countries. Furthermore, Japanese companies (SME) have been pursuing 
sustained growth from overseas market by initializing international business transaction. However, culture and language barrier hampers the growth of overseas business of Small Medium Enterprise. 
From tackling setback in international trade to achieving client objective,
Japan togo bilingual team, who understands well Japanese & Asian business manner, will guide our client on the path of success. We are fueled by our commitment to excellence and go the
extra mile to make sure our clients are fully satisfied with the result. 
As a professional business consultant, we believe in maintaining a positive mindset,  building long term partnership with a purpose and always striving for win-win outcomes.

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