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 Indonesian Jewelry 

It is all started back in the early 1900, Tugu Mas jewelry shop is founded as a gold jewelry manufacturer and retail shop which its location is in Ketandan district of central Jogjakarta. Until now, this neighborhood is well known as one of trading hub in Jogjakarta city. 
Moreover, Ketandan is registered as the remaining heritage of Indonesian ethnic Chinese in Jogjakarta city. Tugu Mas jewelry shop was passed down from generation to generation and presently fourth generation is preserving the Indonesian ethnic Chinese way to conduct its business just like an old days. This family business setup second shop “Kijang Mas” in 1994. Tugu Mas Jewelry shop and Kijang Mas Jewelry shop maintain its old mantra “Quality assurance and customer trust” which enable them to prosper and to survive for more than 100 years. Japantogo is Japan export and import of best quality products.

TUGU MAS Jewelry Shop

Tel: +62-274-515449

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