Kathy Nyaoko Collection

Kathy Nyaoko Collection

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Nyaoko Collection of Cattyman product 
Best selection of Cattyman products is suitable for cats.

The package is contained of 

1 piece of Cat Bed under Chair Brown Stripe
1 piece of Comfortable Cat Pillow Mike
1 piece of Animal Cushion and Pillow Doggy


    Cat Bed under Chair Brown Stripe
    Materials :polyester,uretanfoam,nylon
    Product size (mm) : W300 x H150 x D300

    Comfortable Cat Pillow Mike
    Materials :polyester
    Comfortable Pillow for Cat

    Animal Cushion & Pillow Doggy
    Cute animal cushion with Doggy shape
    3 ways to use with fastener 
    More useful with washable
    Materials : 
    (body) polyester, (fastener) nylon


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