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Grab the opportunity and Grow the share

View of Meditation Garden

Sales distributor of Japanese Souvenirs

Japanese traditional sweets & snacks and Japanese advanced gadget becomes the most popular shopping choice in South East Asia. 
Since Japanese made goods fly off shelves in South East Asia retails shop, retail of Japanese made souvenirs can be one of best option to increase sales revenue.


Japanese Ryokan for foreign visitors

According to recent statistics, it estimates that 31.2 million foreign tourists visited Japan in 2018. Ahead Rugby world cup 2019 and 2020 Olympic games, Japanese government projected that 40 million foreign tourists will visit Japan in 2020. As number of foreign tourists continue to increase, There is huge opportunity to start ryokan business in Japan.

Tea Set

​Sales distributor of Japanese goods

As Japanese goods are becoming very popular in South East Asia market, Retailers in Japan sees this opportunity and plans to increase their export to South East Asian buyer. Japanese goods are considered fashionable and clothing size are perfectly matched to South East Asian customer. 

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